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Thames & Kosmos World's Greatest Magic Show with 415 Tricks


Thames & Kosmos World

This magic set includes the awesomeness of 415 magic tricks with 49 props such as rings, cards, coins, and rope. It has over 90 pages of step-by-step photo instructions and video tutorials available online.

It’s for ages 8 and up. The world’s greatest magic show can be performed using this kit. All the tricks can be learned and mastered using the illustrated instruction manual. Be prepared and ready to make your audience engrossed and amazed by all the wonderful tricks in the set.

This will bring out the magician in anyone with the array of magic tricks this set offers.


  • Kids 8 years and up would love it
  • It would keep kids busy
  • It’s a good gift for not a lot of money
  • An incredibly interesting set
  • The description of the product is accurate
  • It’s so much fun
  • This is a generously sized magic kit from Thames and Kosmos 
  • It’s a huge box containing equipment and instructions to perform 415 tricks
  • The scope and presentation of this set dazzling
  • An excellent entry set for the budding magician
  • Lots of magic tricks with great instructional videos


  • It does come with a lot of items but the instructions are very unclear

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