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Best Magic Set for 8-year-old and up - Gift Review


Magic tricks have bewildered and amazed adults and kids alike since the late sixth and early fifth centuries in Ancient Greece. People will have a life-long affinity to magic.

Magic tricks are here to stay now and in the coming years to come. It became part of everyone’s culture and one of the top forms of entertainment.

People have always been astonished by how magic tricks can be done flawlessly without any hint of its secrets at all.

There are many times that people can be so drawn with certain tricks that they start to wonder if it’s for real and they start to ask in jest, how did he or she do that?

But why do adults and kids love magic?

What are the 7 main reasons why people love magic tricks?

People are also intrigued by the unknown and baffled by mysteries. And magic tricks are very hard to fathom or explain logically. There’s that air of suspense, delight, and excitement rolled into one.

We all love to see awesome magic acts that would make us wonder and feel wonderful at the same time.

Human beings by nature are all curious and would like to see magic tricks and try to figure out how it was done. We only stop when the secret of the trick is known to us and we look for more tricks that would catch our interest.

Magic will always be a part of everyone’s life. People would always believe that magic is possible and there are people with the gift to perform awesome and credible magic acts that’s show-stopping that you’ll be glued watching them.

It’s for everyone and it brings back happy childhood memories. You always feel like a child when you watch magic tricks and you get excited and edgy on your seat with so much anticipation and awe what will happen next. There are these eyes-wide-open moments like a child in curiosity and wonder.

The belief in magic always makes us feel hopeful and positive that anything is possible. All we have to do is to believe and to trust that the universe has the answer for everything. In this case, we’re more comfortable in knowing that we just have to believe.

Magic will always be innate to everyone. We all believe that magic tricks as one of the greatest sources of joy, delight, and amazement. It’s a great escape from the everyday reality of life and we will always make magic be a part of our lives. Everything magical will always be worth believing too.

Here are the best magic sets and kits for 8 years old and up.

These are some of the best kids magic sets, which include easy magic tricks and card tricks for 8 year olds.

Discovery Box of Magic Over 50 Magic Tricks & Optical Illusions, Magic Wand & Instructions Included

Discovery Box of Magic Over 50 Magic Tricks & Optical Illusions, Magic Wand & Instructions Included

This Discovery Box of magic offers 50 magic tricks every 8-year-old would love to learn and perform. It comes with a step-by-step visual instruction booklet that would make mastering the tricks much easier.

It would bring out the confidence in your kid and it would instill self-discipline too. It would build patience and perseverance through the constant practices it entails to level-up and be ready to perform a breathtaking performance.

Every kid will be able to experience an interactive activity that would surely improve on his or her interpersonal skills. This magic set is most fitting to kids from 8 years and up.

Include family and friends at parties, holidays and events.

This is the perfect gift for any lover of magic, science, and illusions.


  • The kids can play with it for hours of learning and trying the tricks 
  • It’s a super fun magic set
  • It is a good mix of tricks 
  • It’s great for kids 8 and up as it’s been recommended
  • The magic set comes with a book with step by step instructions to perform each trick
  • The kids can even make their magic tricks
  • Great purchase
  • This has everything you need to have fun
  • Easy to learn


  • Others have set with no directions included

Where to buy:

Thames & Kosmos World's Greatest Magic Show with 415 Tricks

Thames & Kosmos World

This magic set includes the awesomeness of 415 magic tricks with 49 props such as rings, cards, coins, and rope. It has over 90 pages of step-by-step photo instructions and video tutorials available online.

It’s for ages 8 and up. The world’s greatest magic show can be performed using this kit. All the tricks can be learned and mastered using the illustrated instruction manual. Be prepared and ready to make your audience engrossed and amazed by all the wonderful tricks in the set.

This will bring out the magician in anyone with the array of magic tricks this set offers.


  • Kids 8 years and up would love it
  • It would keep kids busy
  • It’s a good gift for not a lot of money
  • An incredibly interesting set
  • The description of the product is accurate
  • It’s so much fun
  • This is a generously sized magic kit from Thames and Kosmos 
  • It’s a huge box containing equipment and instructions to perform 415 tricks
  • The scope and presentation of this set dazzling
  • An excellent entry set for the budding magician
  • Lots of magic tricks with great instructional videos


  • It does come with a lot of items but the instructions are very unclear

Where to buy:

Edddy's Magic Master Magic Exclusive Collection with 300 Tricks


This magic set includes more than 40 pieces of props to be able to do the 300 magic tricks. It has Cups and balls, Magic printer, sponge tricks, miracle dice tricks, rope tricks, mind-reading blackboard, a magic wand, and magnets.

It’s a loaded magic set and it has an online instructional video that can be watched to familiarize yourself with all the tricks. It comes neatly in a package and all the props are well-made of high-quality.

Keep your audience entertained with a good line-up of magic tricks that they would surely enjoy and have fun watching. This is a good training kit for those aspiring and budding 8 years and up magicians.


  • Good Quality with lots of interesting tricks
  • The tricks run from easy to professional 
  • It would keep your kid interested in learning a few new tricks a day
  • Fun magic tricks
  • Awesome magic kit
  • It has an online instructional to guide each learner of magic
  • The props are of high-quality


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

4M Kidzlabs Magic Kit

4M Kidzlabs Magic Kit

This is a magic set with twelve amazing magic tricks in it.

The set comes with a wand, playing cards, rope, and more. There are step-by-step instructions for all the magic tricks in this kit.

The tricks are recommended for kids 8 years and they are designed to be easy for them to learn and perform. This set would challenge every child’s imagination and creativity to deliver magic acts.

It’s a fun and exciting gift you could give to a kid that simply loves magic. This magic set is worth it and it’s the best bang for your buck.


  • Tricks are easy enough to learn and just takes a bit of practice
  • Good magic kit
  • Good, safe and harmless fun especially in today's environment
  • The tricks are easy to comprehend
  • This is a great  present for an 8-year-old and up kid
  • It is a good purchase for a low price!
  • A very good small magic kit for kids 


  • It’s a small set but it’s good for the price

Where to buy:

Bright Products Exclusive Magic Set - DVD included

Bright Products Exclusive Magic Set - DVD included

With over 50 incredible magic tricks. It includes a DVD with easy Step-by-Step illustrated instructions and it also comes in 5 multilingual instructions. You’ll be impressed with the professional and good quality of all the props.

It’s not only for kids but adults too who loves magic. It contains great props for those amazing effects. Some of the tricks that would surely dazzle the audience are Handkerchiefs suddenly coming to life, a coin teleports through solid glass, amazing card tricks, and so much more.

The props are not run in the mill type but with a professional quality that includes chrome-plated cups and metal rings. It also comes with a manual aside from the DVD instructional guide.


  • It’s fun to play with
  • The quality is good
  • The price is worth it
  • This kit will keep any kid and his friends amused for quite a long time
  • A great magic kit that has everything you need
  • It has a good assortment of popular magic tricks with quality props


  • A few magic tricks might be too hard for an 8-year-old

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

Magic will always be fun to watch and even more fun when it’s you who performs.  Let your kid be like a professional magician since all these magic tricks will be able to amaze and astound his or her friends and family.

Magic teaches many important skills including reading and comprehension, the value of practice, and gaining confidence in performing in front of an audience.

With magic, anything is possible and it’s a great way to spend time on leisurely and as a hobby. There are a lot of benefits to reap and a lot of skills that can be mastered with these magical tricks.

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