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What is the tallest Jenga Tower?


Jenga game that needs precision and making the right moves. 

As the game progresses and as more blocks are removed, the tower becomes more unstable and shaky.

This is when the players become more edgy and anxious to be able to successfully remove a block without causing the tower to collapse.

If you analyse it, it’s possible to build a Jenga tower to an immeasurable height although it wouldn’t be an easy task to do so. But with luck, precise moves, and choosing the right blocks to removes it becomes possible!

How tall is the tallest Jenga tower ever built successfully following all its rules?

The record for the highest known classic Jenga 54 blocks set tower is 40 2/3 complete levels with two blocks into the 41st by Robert Grebler form the USA in 1985 by Robert Grebler. Up to this day, this remains undefeated as the world solo height champion.

The 2/3 in the 40 2/3 levels means that the Robert Grebler placed 2 out of a possible 3 blocks on the top level before the tower collapsed. In Jenga, you must place three blocks on a level before starting a new level.

In Jenga, a level must have three blocks on it before proceeding to another level. 

Along the way, there are other competitions wherein records are done and eventually land to the Guinness Book of Records. Here are some of them: 

The tallest tower is 397 centimeters that’s slightly higher than a single-story house

The fastest construction is at 23.5 seconds from the beginning to the full tower

The largest purchase is 125 boxes of Jenga at one time in a retail store by one person

For fun, there is a YouTube video of the tallest game of Jenga ever assembled at 66 inches and that’s 5.5 feet, 1.68 meters but using multiple sets. Check the video below:

After Thoughts

Jenga had come a long way! Aside from the 54 blocks all you need to have is a steady hand, a good hand and eye coordination, precision, patience, concentration, and a lot of guts that you can do it.

After all, Jenga is an iconic game that’s super fun, easy, and perfect for everyone. 

It also happens to be a game that you can bring to greater heights!

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