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Best science experiment kits for kids 4 years old (Gift Review)


Four-year olds are a bundle of energy. If you don’t give your beloved four-year-old enough toys they will make you their toy. If you get your four-year-old out of your sight you will suddenly find out that they have gotten hold of your smartphone or the TV remote. This is something you don’t want because they may just mess up your settings.

Why is your four-year-old being out of control?

Kids need stimulation because it is at this age that their cognitive development is happening. This is the best age to get them to explore and learn about new things so keep them from being bored! Light up their eyes and buy them a toy that will get them mesmerized for hours. Your child may not be school age yet but it is good to buy them the best science experiment kit for kids to get them to understand the world in a scientific and mathematical way. Open a whole new world for your child to explore and help them unleash their little Einstein!

The Best Play for Four Year Olds

Your 4-year-old is likely getting better at problem-solving and has a good handle on how to incorporate a solution that will appease everyone.

While most 4-year-olds can recite the alphabet and memorize shapes and colors, cognitive development isn’t just about learning facts and academic basics. Learning for children this age also envelops learning about learning—how to ask questions and how to process information into understanding.

  • Speech & Language

This age is definitely a chatty one, as more language skills develop (what they say and what they understand) at an astounding rate. Your 4-year-old should have about 2,500-3,000  words they understand. By the fifth birthday, however, it will balloon to over 5,000 words.

Most 4-year-olds love using their imaginations. They may even develop imaginary friends.

Your child may go between reality and pretend play constantly. They might enjoy playing house or dress up, and getting their friends involved, too.

Key Milestones

  • Shows an interest in goal setting for herself—like learning how to ride a two-wheeler, or learning how to pump a swing.
  • Wants to make decisions on their own, such as picking out their own clothing or choosing a snack.
  • Understands the concepts of numbers—that the number four represents four flowers or four balls.

Parenting Tip

To help your 4-year-old continue learning, just keep talking. Answer any questions (even if you don't know the answers), read, and get them thinking about words by asking questions about what you are seeing and doing.

Here are some of the best science experiment kits for kids 4 years old.

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow

A terrarium is a miniature garden in a simulated natural environment. The Grow N’ Glow Terrarium is a complete kit for helping kids to create their very own miniature eco-system. It’s so easy! You just assemble, decorate, water and watch it grow. It’s a fun way to teach kids about botany, eco-systems and the life cycle of plants. Kids love to see how things work and especially how the magic of seeds, soil, sun and water will blossom into green plants.

This is a great lesson in cause-and-effect, responsible stewardship and delayed gratification, since the terrarium needs to be misted each day for the seeds to sprout and grow. Like keeping a pet, the plants will only thrive if they’re given water each day – but no worries – if they forget to water it, they learn the importance of water to the life cycle. And when they do water it, the seeds begin to shoot up in 3 to 4 days.

After assembly, there are delightful garden stickers and glow-in-the-dark stars to embellish your terrarium further. During the day, when the terrarium is in full light, it soaks up light for the plants and also soaks up light in the glow stickers. Then at night the stickers will glow and it looks like an enchanted little lightning bug house. The Grow and Glow Terrarium is the perfect STEAM activity that mixes art and science.


  • Educational kit
  • Kid tested and safe
  • STEAM toy (science, technology, engineering, art, math)
  • Easy to do
  • Build creative confidence
  • Explores creatively


  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set, Science Kit, 45 Piece Set

Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set, Science Kit, 45 Piece Set, Ages 3+

This deluxe lab encourages early science exploration. The set includes sturdy, long-lasting pieces and comprehensive activity cards that help guide the learning. There's even a write-and-wipe journal - perfect for a budding young scientist.

Pieces include 2 Flasks (round- and square-bottomed), 2 large test tubes and stand, eyedropper, 2 funnels, safety glasses, tall stand with adjustable holder clips, 2 twisty connector tubes, 3 stoppers, sensory tube with solid and vented lids, plus primary science view scope with observation dish. Includes 20 activity cards with step-by-step activities. For ages three and up.


  • STEM toy
  • Promotes learning and fun
  • Help children with scientific exploration
  • Makes children learn about cause and effects
  • Instructions and concepts are explained simply on cards
  • Can do endless experiments


  • Choking hazard
Where to buy:

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor, Homeschool, STEM, Includes 5 Science Experiments

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor, Homeschool, STEM, Includes 5 Science Experiments, 6 Pieces, Ages 5+

Look out - it's a bubbling Reactor Pod eruption! Start your seismic science adventures off right with the Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor from Learning Resources. This crazy creature twist on the classic toy volcano turns opening your Beaker Creatures pods into an event - drop the included Reactor Pod into the volcano, add water, and trigger the bubbling reaction.

Then, extract your creature and see which one of the creature collectibles you discovered - there are more than 100 to collect! The Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor doubles as a working volcano science kit, and includes a guide with five fizzing, foaming experiments you can perform over and over again.

Summon the Chaotic Cauldron, make your own geode, trigger a bigger volcano eruption, and more.

Each set also includes a classification card to help identify your creature, and a mini-poster filled with cool quiz questions inspired by real-world science facts.


  • STEM toy
  • Play with 5 experiments
  • Fun and exciting toy
  • Stimulates curiosity and exploration
  • Easy to play with
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Unlimited eruptions
  • Fun for the whole family


  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

Final Thoughts

Your four-year-old hates boredom and wants to explore and develop fast. Help them fill their days with stimulating toys that help them learn a multitude of things. Explore the world with them and answer any questions they may have and make learning doubly fast and fun.

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