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Super Easy Magic Tricks for Kids


There are a lot of super-easy magic tricks for kids that they can master quickly. These tricks usually use simple props or things that can be found around the house. Kids, in general, would love them.

Some of the popular super easy tricks for kids can be enjoying performed in front of families and friends. The key to slowly start your kid to be a good magician is, to begin with, simple tricks.

After all, it takes time to be good at magic. Keeping it simple and basic would be the fastest way to learn magic.

And eventually, your kid would progress into more advanced magic tricks!

Guide and teach your kid exactly what needs to be done. It should be explained and understood by your kid to what’s the purpose of the trick and its end goal. Then, be the first one to encourage your kid and watch as the practicing start.

The first trick is very well-known and all you need in this trick is a spoon.

Bending a Spoon Trick

It’s considered an optical illusion. In this act, by using merely your hands, you’ll show your audience how you can bend a spoon magically.

This is how to do the trick:

  • Show the audience that you’re holding the handle of the spoon using both of your hands and pretend as if you are putting pressure on the handle
  • But loosely hold it by your thumb and do not let the thumb wrap the handle
  • Place the tip of the spoon’s bowl against the table and pretend to put strong pressure on it. Push your hands down further so that your audience can see that you’re exerting pressure on the spoon.
  • Permit the spoon to fall on the table but you need to cover it up with your hands so that the audience doesn’t know what’s happening at the back
  • The magic is done and your audience is in awe. Count just 1-3seconds and start pretending that you straighten the spoon
  • You must only run your hands over it and you need to lift it for your audience to witness the illusion that transpired.

Here’s a video showing how it can be done flawlessly.

Vanishing the Toothpick Trick

You can tell your audience that you’ll make a toothpick vanish it your hands. With constant practice, you could do this perfectly.

The things needed are just a toothpick and a clear tape.

The trick goes this way.

  • Take a small piece of clear tape and stick the toothpick on the nail of your thumb so that it would look invisible from the front
  • Just cover the tape while vertically holding the toothpick so that it would look like you’re just holding the toothpick in your hand
  • Say a magic word or  just do a hand movement to make it look more interesting
  • Then, just remove your fingers from the tip and open your palm straight and the toothpick would seem to vanish
  • When it’s done fast, it would appear that the toothpick is gone

Check this link below to how it could be done awesomely.

Coin Disappearing Act

A coin magic trick is considered to be one of the best magic tricks for kids. The trick is to make a coin disappear in front of your spectators and leave them mesmerized and wondering where the coin is.

You’ll need a long-sleeved shirt and a coin for this act.

The trick simply goes this way.

  • Hold up your arm vertically, bent at the elbow like you’re waving hello to your audience
  • Place the coin into the sleeve carefully, so that it would sit right at your elbow
  • You need to practice dropping your hand in such a way that the coin could slide out of the sleeves without dropping and you could catch it
  • Tell your audience that you can make a coin magically appear in your palm
  • Show them first that your palm is empty
  • Use your other hand to do some magically animated movements to  achieve distraction in your audience
  • Say a magic word and at the same time, drop your palm down facing backward and the coin will slip out of your sleeve and straight right into your palm
  • Quickly get the coin and show you that the everyone the coin that appeared out from nowhere

After Thoughts

These super easy magic tricks for kids are simple enough that they could learn and master them in no time at all.

Kids would always love magic. They get thrilled, excited, and happy to perform magic tricks.

No wonder there’s a lot of great magicians now that were once aspiring kids that got hooked on magic and learned it diligently.

To be good in magic, one has to believe first! And they don’t spend all of their time trying to figure out how it’s done. Kids also believe in it. They love watching it and learning it, which means each trick, can hold hours of entertainment. We have kid’s magic tricks for you here.

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