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Good magic Tricks for Kids


Kids would always be active and on the move most of the time. One way to keep them still and interested is to perform magic tricks for them or to teach them.

Everyone loves magic and that includes the kids. That’s why most children parties have magic acts on them. Kids gather in front of the magician as they enjoy and stay glued on every trick on the performance.

Here are some kid’s magic tricks for you here.

These are the right magic tricks for kids that are simple yet astounding. They are simple enough for your little ones to understand and replicate.

You also need tricks that you can easily learn, master, and perform.

The following tricks would also use minimal and ordinary materials to be able to perform them.

Here is how they can be presented.

The Rubber Pencil Trick

This is one of the simplest magic tricks around. All you need is a pencil with an eraser at the end. Hold the pencil at the tip of the eraser and you have to shake it in just the right way.

It would appear to be moving up and down because of optical illusion. It would astound your kid as he or she would try to figure how you made it possible. This would be entertaining for the kids.

Watch how you could do this trick with ease in this link provided below.

Pass a Coin Through the Table Trick

Penetration tricks are daunting to watch as an object can pass through a solid surface.

Kids are impressed with this kind of tricks that you can penetrate a coin through a table.

The secret to this trick is to distract your audience to be able to pass the coin from one hand to the other, and abracadabra, the coin went through the table.

This a video that can give you and your kids a glimpse of how this trick could be accomplished.

The Rope Trick

In this trick, all you need is a piece of a long rope.

You’ll begin by holding a piece of rope, then just place the ends of the rope into your hands and close your fingers around the ends.

Next, shake the rope slightly, say a magic word, blows on your hands, and drop one end of the rope. Shazam! The end has a knot in it!

How can you do it?

Before you begin the trick the rope already has a knot in one end. Tie a knot in one end of the rope. You need to hide this end with the knot in your hand and bring the other end of the rope up next to it.

Act as if you're shaking your hand and it looks like you're trying to knot it.  Drop the end with the knot and as it would look like you have just tied a knot in the rope using one hand.

After Thoughts

Once you performed to these kids, you’ll have kids that are bewildered, stunned, and eager to learn magic as well.

Learning magic tricks is a way for kids to learn about patience, perseverance, and a lot about almost everything. It’s also a lot of fun!

Magic tricks for kids would never go passed. It would even transcend to greater heights as more new innovative magic tricks are invented and discovered.

You can find magic tricks kit for kids on Amazon.

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