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Easy Magic Tricks for Children to Learn


Magic tricks would always be very enticing to children. Sometimes, it would make you think, are magic tricks existent because of children?

You see the wonder and bewilderment on a child's face every time they watch magicians perform.

There are many easy magic tricks for kids and they would benefit from it educationally too. These easy magic tricks for kids that they could learn would help develop their mental and manual skills.

What could children develop in learning easy magic tricks?

It would improve their memory since every trick should be mastered and kept in mind.

Kids need to remember the trick in conjunction with the movements, and they should also keep the audience glued with their spiels for their audience.

It aids them in having good memorization that they could also use in their studies.

Learning and performing magic tricks involve a lot of hand movements as well as body movements. Children would improve on their manual dexterity as well in their magic acts. To add the number of hours of practice that would lead to their quick hand and body movements.

Another is their hand-eye coordination becomes more highly developed. The part of the brain responsible for these movements is activated and extended.

Easy magic tricks for kids develop their flexibility and it makes their mind more active. They learn to question, find the answers, and learn to respond as well.

Magic tricks also give a child a magnetic presence and personality since they can radiate an air of confidence in them.  They can interact with their audience and can present themselves more distinguished friendly demeanor.

How can children start learning magic tricks?

You start by helping your kid find easy magic tricks to learn. Start with the basic magic tricks.

The chosen magic tricks should be age-appropriate that the kid could do and perform.

If purchasing a magic kit or a magic trick make sure you would get one that fits the intelligence level of your child.

While it’s great to start with easy magic tricks it should their academic level so they wouldn't get bored easily.

And the most important factor to remember is that magic tricks for kids should be fun
and entertaining.

Being a child is magical and all it needs is a little encouragement from you so your child can make the most out of it.

Floating Ring trick

You’ll need a rubber band and a ring for this trick. Cut the rubber band into half. You’re now equipped to do your trick.

For your performance, you first insert the rubber band through the ring. Using one hand, hold the 3/4 of the rubber band, and with the other hand hold the rest.

Your other hand that has 3/4 of the rubber band should not move. The hand holding the rest will stretch the rubber band to what would look like to be the length of the entire rubber band.

As slowly as possible start stretching the rubber band even more while making the other hand more relaxed that has 3/4 of the rubber band. The ring would always be in the same position, but it would give your audience the illusion that the ring is moving on its own!

See for yourself how it’s done in the link below.

Balance a Card on a Cup

The next trick is about balancing a card with a coin on top at the edge of a glass. You can ask a volunteer to try to do it and see what happens. Unfortunately, it would never happen even if your volunteer tries many times.

To be able to make this trick possible, fill the cup with water close to the top of the cup without having the water spill out. Place the card on the edge of the cup. With the secret of water tension, you can now place the coin on the card without both objects falling on the table!

For the actual trick, please check the video below.

Magical Coin

For another easy trick, all you need is a coin and a cup. Get a see-through cup and a coin. Cut a piece of paper that matches the surface of the cup that you are doing your trick on. Make sure that the paper would fit tightly around the opening of the cup.

To execute this trick, place the cup upside down. Grab the front of the cup with one of your hand blocking the audience from seeing the inside of the cup. Place it above the coin and when you snap your fingers, lift your hand away from the cup.

The coin disappeared. The magic comes from making the coin to reappear. Place your hand in front of the cup again, snap your fingers once more, and move the cup back to the starting position. You now have a coin that will disappear and reappear with a snap of your fingers.

Watch this video to help you do this trick flawlessly.

After Thoughts

Magic tricks might be simple or more advanced but they would always impress your family and friends!

Everyone is fascinated with magic tricks and in reality, most of them are easy to perform. So don’t worry if you’re still not as good as Harry Potter, you’ll get there if you just believe that anything is possible.

Our world would always be a happier and brighter place to live in with a dash of magic into it!

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