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What age is suitable in Jenga?


Table of Contents:

Jenga is a tower building game. It is played with 54 flat rectangular wooden blocks. The blocks are stacked 3 blocks to a level with each level being placed across, not in-line, with the previous level. There are 18 levels in a Jenga tower.

The concept and mechanic off the game are quite simple. Once the tower is built players take turns moving blocks anywhere from the tower to the top of it. Only one hand at a time may be used to remove a block although you could use both hands but only alternately. Your turn ends when the next person to move touches the tower.

The game ends when the tower falls. The loser is the person who made the tower collapsed or whose turn it was when the tower collapsed.

Jenga is for everyone and this is for people of most ages and abilities that could play and enjoy. It’s a crossover game good for gamers and non-gamers alike. The recommended age in the package is 8 years-old to 99 years old although kids as young as 3 could play it too when families are bond!

As long as the kid could understand the grab from the middle and can use one hand and can keep it steady, then you’re up to a good game.

Children would need to practice and get used to using only one hand at a time. They would get the hang out of the game after a few games.

Jenga could be adaptable to all ages but it could be a bit difficult for the younger kids but you can let them use it in a toddler-friendly scenario of stacking the blocks, counting them, knocking over each other’s tower, crisscrossing their building, and making and building different shapes and structures.

These kids would then later play the normal Jenga game when they are older and more capable to adapt to it.

The younger kids are more equipped into counting, sequencing, directionality, motor control such as tossing dice, picking up a card, and moving game pieces.

While older children are already capable of risk-taking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, decision-making, strategizing, analyzing, verbal skills, math skills, money concepts, creativity, and flexibility. Their motor development includes quick reflexes, a steady hand, and fine-motor control that they could manipulate smaller and more intricate pieces.

With these premises, Jenga is suitable for ages 8 years old up.

After Thoughts

There is more to game-playing than everybody realizes. That is why it is so important that kids and adults play games because of the satisfaction it brings along with the time spent together that’s priceless.

Jenga is not just having fun but there is lots of learning and development going on in this game.

You can spend hours playing it without getting bored at all. This game has suspense, thriller, with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and could last forever.

Jenga is the complete game for everyone that no two games would ever be alike!

You can find age suitable Jenga on Amazon.

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