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Why is Kinetic Sand sticky?


One thing to describe kinetic sand in case you don’t know a lot about it is magical! Get mesmerized with it that’s purely made from normal sand and a little dash of magic. It’s so easy to shape, sculpt, mold, and slice it and it only sticks to itself and not to anyone.

It’s your foremost choice for a sensory play that could build nerve connections in the brain's pathways that would enable a kid to complete more complex learning tasks later in life. It can also help calm anxiety in children that would help them be familiar with sensory attributes such as hot, cold, hard, soft, sticky, and dry.

It’s an interactive play that emphasizes the senses of touch and sight and also builds up other skills in kneading, measuring, pouring, and mixing. They would learn their way through the kinetic sand on their own but with supervision for the younger kids.

But why is kinetic sand sticky?

Kinetic sand’s sticky properties apply only to being sticky to itself and not in the hands.

Kinetic sand has a thick and viscous coating known as dimethylsiloxane aka silicone oil that makes it possible for the sand stick together so it can be cut and molded without making a mess.  It would allow kids and adults alike to build structures right on their desks without creating a mess of stray granules at all.

It also makes it easier to clean up even after spreading your fingers with it because it just flows through them without being messy and the kids loved that too! They could stretch it, smash it, roll it into a ball, and mold it into a multitude of different shapes.

It is a mess-free fun activity for the kids that makes them happier because that gives them more time to play, and less time to spend on cleaning after.

How do you rejuvenate kinetic sand?

Kinetic Sand simply does not dry out but if it is humid just add a couple of drops of water with an eyedropper and it will return to its original state.

After Thoughts

It’s really one great innovative toy made by just 98% regular sand and 2% silicone oil and what do you get? 100% natural sand that’s soft, easy to mold, does not dry out, holds shape, but can easily be reshaped and used again, does not stick to hands., and cleans up very easily. That’s what a genius toy is!

Kinetic Sand is the toy to beat for kids plus it’s the stress-busting ally of every adult in need of some relaxing moments.

Did I hear you say, magical? Indeed it is!

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