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Small inflatable pool water care


The best ways to keep the kiddie pool water clean throughout the summer is to the following:

Drain and refill as often as possible especially if it’s only small. Make sure to give it a good scrub with a plain old kitchen brush, and refill it. You could use the pool water to water the plants in your yard.

Purchase a kiddie pool cover that fits ad it would maintain the water’s quality of the pool. 

Use the pool skimmer every day to clean your kid’s pool. It would ensure that the pool would be clean from foreign objects.

Keep pH level in the range at all times so you’ll need a small test kit, or test strips so that you can test the pH level in the water, which can naturally arise from pool use. When the pH gets too high, the chlorine automatically becomes less effective, and algae and bacteria become more easily. When pH levels rise above 7.6, add 0.2 oz of dry acid, for every 100 gallons of pool water, and always recheck the pH level every few hours. 7.2 – 7.4 is the best range of pH levels in the water.

You could use chemicals formulated for small pools. You could use some chlorine tablet just half of one 3″ tablet per week, or several 1″ tabs at a time that could be replaced at once when they dissolve. You need to use enough tablets to give a consistent 2.0 – 3.0 ppm level of chlorine.

Inflatable pools are not sold with filters but you could still use one. Get a 6′ hose that could be draped over the edge of the pool and held down below the water level with some weight into it. Avoid using the pool while running the filter to prevent suction dysfunction on the intake hose.

For most baby pool inflatable or inflatable kiddie pools you change the water more frequently the smaller the pool is or the water should still be changed every two weeks.

If you are not adding chlorine to kill bacteria, the pool should be drained every other day. Stagnant water without chlorine can become unhealthy water in 24-48 hours.

Be always alert on your baby inflatable swimming pool since it’s easier to clean and maintain and it uses less water. Babies are more prone to infection and diarrhea when swallowing unclean water. 

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