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Best self-working magic tricks


Self-working magic is the term used in magic tricks that work simply from following a fixed process and not relying on trickery, sleight-of-hand, or other hidden moves.

If you have a deck of playing cards, the first tricks you should learn are self-working tricks, especially if you're a beginner in magic. No trick works completely works on its own, but it refers to tricks that don't rely on sleight of hand. That makes these magic tricks super easy to learn and perform, so you'll be having fun showing these to your family and friends in no time at all!

Many magic teachers recommend starting with self-workers because then you can focus on your presentation, which is important to make your card magic entertaining. 

Even when a trick is 'self-working' you still need time to master your part, and a very magic trick becomes self-working over time.

There are some of the best self-working magic tricks available at Amazon.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-working magic tricks?


Self-working magic tricks are ideal for the amateur magician because they don't require any advanced moves or expensive props at all

They can usually be performed with any kind of deck, which means you can also borrow a deck for your tricks

The procedure is often very methodical and becomes second nature once you have the patterns down.

The effects are often based on mathematical principles, so are very hard to explain or understand but it seems like real magic even to you too

There are LOADS of resources for learning them, especially on YouTube.


Self-working tricks often require a full deck and you need to count out 52 cards every time you perform a trick.

Self-working tricks can be long sometimes because you'll be using a mathematical technique that can sometimes lose the attention of your audience.

The methods can often require a lot of memory work before you are ready to perform.

Here's the best self-working magic trick.

Read 5 Minds At Once

This one of the best self-working magic tricks because it would baffle you and everyone how it works. This trick would keep you puzzled about how it's possible.

It is quite simple to do and you can even try the trick out on yourself beforehand to make sure you're doing it right.

Have a look at how this self-working magic trick works.

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