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How to make kinetic sand at home like the ones in the market?


Here is the exact kinetic sand receipe and process to make kinetic sand like what you would normally buy under the brand kinetic sand too. The materials that you’ll need are the following:

Super-fine sand like the sand is used in small globes or sand art. Do not purchase colored san since it might not work in this process. Play sand that is too coarse that’s sold in hardware and toy stores is not advisable either.

Dimethicone (polydimethylsiloxane would be available from a cosmetics supply company. Dimethicone is manufactured in various viscosities. Dimethicone 500 was used in this process.

A small pan like an aluminum foil cake or pie pan.

A small container for mixing the Kinetic Sand

Stirring rod or a plastic spoon

The procedure is this step by step guide:

The first thing to do is to dry your sand in an oven at 250°F (120°C) for several hours or overnight

Let your sand cool down to room temperature.

Next, weigh about 100 g of sand in a small container 

Add 2 g of dimethicone.

Stir it well

Add 2 more grams of dimethicone to coat the sand if you need more and stir well

You may have to add further amounts of dimethicone of 2 g quantities until the sand would stick together like the commercial Kinetic sand. Avoid excess of the dimethicone

The home-made Kinetic Sand would somewhat not behave exactly like the commercial material due to the larger grain size of your sand as to that used by Waba Fun, LLC.

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