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Math Toys for Toddlers


This is a fantastic pre-school toy for boys and girls before they finally enter school. It would be good preparation for kids age 3 years old to know about Math.

Math toys for toddlers

NONZERS Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

NONZERS Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups STEM Educational Toy Math Games for Toddler, 118pcs Pre-School Learning Toy Set with Activity Cards, 90 Bears, Tweezers, Storage Box, Dice

This is a wonderful 118 pieces counting bears toy set that has 90 cute bears in 6 bright colors, 2 tweezers, 6 colorful sorting cups, 4 unique dices, 11 activity cards, creating a fun counting and learning time for toddlers.

The NONZERS Counting Bears come in two sizes, 30 bigger ones, and 60 small bears in bright and nice colors. All these colorful counting bears and sorting cups could teach kids color recognition, sorting, counting, and matching.

It comes with  11 different activity cards. And, each of the cards would match a game or math problem like Finding Rules, Bear Race, Sudoku, Color Coverage, Math Practice, Playing Snake Ladder. It would advance your children's abilities in imagination, critical thinking, logical thinking, and memory skills. It is one of the very helpful problem-solving toys for kids.

The set includes  2 bags for storing bears and a plastic box for all accessories for organized storage.


  • It's the cutest little bear counting and color sorting kit
  • It comes with different cards for little games depending on the age of the child using them
  • It includes carrying and storing box
  • Great for learning that's engaging and good for motor development
  • It is a very helpful toy to teach kids how to count, addition, subtraction, patterns, colors, and sorting
  • The accessories are plentiful and useful for different learning activities


  • Some of the cards might be too big to fit into the case and there are no instructions on them
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