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ROYBI Robot | The AI Smart Robot for Kids Aged 3–7 Years Old | STEM Learning & Educational Toy with 500+ Interactive Lessons, Games, and Mobile App | Education Invention of The Year

What kid doesn’t like robots? ROYBI Robot is easily going to be a child’s best friend. What is truly special about this electronic toy is that it will actually grow with the child—not physically, of course! There are 500 plus lessons that the robot will teach children. The robot is, in fact, the child’s teacher. The hundreds of lessons range from those appropriate for three-year-old children to seven-year-old kids and even older. The child will be talking to the robot, which will help in advancing the child’s vocabulary. It carries over 70,000 vocabularies, after all. At age three, your child will have around 200 words already. Imagine how much that will increase with the ROYBI robot.

Another thing you should know about ROYBI robot is that it was TIME’s Best Invention smart toy particularly because of its advanced lessons. Children will learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) after all. Most toys will offer you the ABCs, but ROYBI prefers the advanced lessons. Don’t worry; it’s not about stringent lessons. There are also self-care topics so the child will become well-rounded. Since children will definitely enjoy having this portable teacher with them, you will be curtailing their screen time—whether you are talking about the TV or the smartphone or tablet.

ROYBI has been featured on various publications like TIME magazine, Forbes magazine, and CNBC World, among others, for being an innovative gadget for children. It merges what kids want (robot) and what their parents want (education).


  • Fun way to learn for children
  • Lessens screen time for children
  • Advance learning
  • Provides 500+ lessons
  • Features 70,000 vocabularies
  • Teaches different languages


  • Slow to reply to child
  • Limited buttons for options
  • Pricey

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