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Animal Island Sit & Play


ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit & Play Virtual Early Preschool Learning System  for Toddlers (12+ Months) Mom

It looks like a small television but functions as a classroom. Children love television; however, parents are worried about what children will get from watching TV. Children love to emulate what adults do, whether they see it from the adults surrounding them or from the television. Well, the child will not see any bad adult behavior with the Animal Island Sit & Play. This television-looking gadget can be used by children starting at one year old. But this doesn’t mean that five-year-olds will no longer enjoy what the Sit & Play can offer.

This electronic learning toy is like a classroom ensconced on a screen. The subjects offered are literacy, numeracy, communication and songs. There are also lessons to encourage the child to be more collaborative, creative, and have the knack to solve problems. There are also stories that children will learn. You see, the lessons are for school-going kids, too. Now, you might think that it’s too much like a classroom setting; it’s actually not. Watching educational videos is like watching cartoons on the small screen because the characters are colorful and fun. The teachers are animals like goose, monkey, pig, and frog, among others.

Now, if your five-year-old hasn’t been to school yet, then this could be their preschool at home. Animal Island Learning Adventure or AILA is a learning system that provides preschool learning. AILA focuses on STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math.


  • Solves your child’s interest in television
  • Focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math
  • Hands-free learning
  • Parents can monitor via an app


  • Expensive
  • Parents can’t choose the lessons

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