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Play-Doh Ideas for Toddlers


There are a lot of Play-Doh ideas and activities that kids and toddlers could be busy with.

Play-Doh is one of the best toy and easiest activities for kids to do, and there is so much that kids could do with it. Here are some ideas for Play-Doh for kids to be pre-occupied happily with.

There are a lot of developmental benefits to playing with Play-Doh that includes sensory exploration and developing fine motor skills in children.

Playdough is one of my favorite toddler activities, and there is so much that you can do with it! This collection of playdough activities for toddlers will keep your little one busy!

This is a perfect toy that lasts for such a long time. The secret is to only let your kid have a few containers at a time, so they don’t leave off all its covers and mix the colors!

Some of the Play-Doh ideas are the following:

  • Play-Doh could be used for art activities where kids could create and roll the dough, and they could experiment with the colors.
  • Kids could add things to their Play-Doh and decorate them.
  • Prints could be rolled in the dough using textured rolling pins.
  • Kitchen activities could be done where kids could make and sculpt pieces of bread, pizza, hamburger, and about any food they wish to.
  • A lot of pieces could be made like Play-Doh with glittery accents
  • Science activities could be enjoyed with Play-Doh. Kids could make volcanoes and glow in the dark dough.
  • Letters could be formed, and notes can be written on it too.

Play-Doh Activities for Toddlers

Play-Doh is a fun and easy material to use for kids to play, learn, and grow with!

Some activities toddler could enjoy doing includes:

  • Roll the Play-Do into balls or shapes
  • Flatten it using the hands or use a roller
  • You could use tools and decorations
  • Cookie cutters could be used
  • Practice cutting with utensils, plastic scissors, and plastic knives
  • You could use tongs in play too
  • Create basic 3D creatures with the dough
  • You could build shapes and letters by rolling out the dough
  • Kids could pinch the shapes, letters, and numbers
  • They could write letters in the playdough using a toothpick and pencil

Let your kids enjoy Play-Doh and experience multi-sensory learning too!

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