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How much water does a wading pool hold?


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You don't need to shell out a lot of money nowadays to be able to provide a fantastic summer for your kid. Thanks to inflatable pools that include a wading pool for the young toddlers.

It would keep them cool and pre-occupied with fun during the summer heat. Wading pools are very popular since they only have shallow water of not more than 24 inches deep.

People might be curious to know how much water do wading pools hold?

It would truly depend on the size of the wading pool and how deep you want the water to be, but it should be less than 2 feet. Some may hold a few hundred gallons or less. Big wading pools would hold more but wouldn't exceed a certain amount to be still considered a wading pool.

It's safe to say that wading pools could hold from 100-200 gallons of water depending on its size, and it should only be 2 feet deep.

Parents should be aware that they still need to practice some necessary safety precautions, even if it has shallow waters.

  • The most important thing adults and parents should need to remember when allowing their kids to play in their pool is that adult supervision is a must and necessary at all times.
  • It's best to empty the pool every after each use.
  • Have your younger kid wear plastic safety swimming underwear just in case they defecated. Check this often and get your kid out of the pool and empty the pool right away.
  • Always sanitize and disinfect your wading pool after each use. Follow this procedure.
  • Dilute ½ cup of household bleach in 1 gallon of room-temperature water. Use one that's without a scent.
  • Apply your bleach solution to all the surfaces of your pool
  • Leave the bleach solution on the surfaces for at least 6 to 10 minutes
  • Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water
  • Allow surfaces to air dry completely before you let your kid use it again.

After Thoughts

Wading pools would help your kid to enjoy and be entertained during those hot days and, of course, with your supervision always.

It would contribute to your kid's growth, and the fun it brings is beyond measured at all.

Let your kid experience the true essence of summer in a cool wading pool worth remembering!

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