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How to clean water in a blow-up pool?


Table of Contents:

Blow-up pools come in different sizes. Cleaning them would entail some differences that make one easier to clean and maintain than the other.

The smaller-sized kiddie blow-up pools with just 30 gallons to below 50 gallons are the easiest to clean as you could simply empty the pool. You could wipe or brush it with a mild cleaner and hose it down. You could let it dry, and it’s ready again for another water fun day with fresh water.

The mid-size pool without a pump could be cleaned using a skimmer net to scoop out the debris, such as leaves, dry grass, and perhaps some bugs or insects. You could also put half of a 3” chlorine tablet in a chlorine floater and check the ph level of the water. You could change the water in a mid-size blow up pool in 2 to 4 days. Also, you could put a cover on your pool.

You could likewise use bleach in your mid-size pool. It’s safe to use generic bleach or Clorox Regular Bleach and using this guide. Use 1/8 cup for every 100 gallons in your mid-size pool.

The larger blow-up pools usually come with a filtration system. You could also put a chlorine tablet in a floater. This should be done when no one is in the pool. You would also need to shock your pool weekly to ensure your water maintains its clarity. With larger pools, you need to check the ph level of your water regularly. Your pool water free chlorine level should be in the range of 1 – 4 ppm, and the pH level should be between 7.2 – 7.8. You should maintain its balance. You would also need to use a skimmer and a pool cover to keep your pool clean.

If your water pH reaches more than 8 then people at the pool could have skin rashes, and their skin could itch, while if the pH of your pool is lower than 7, the people in the pool could sting in their eyes.

It would also help to have your kids shower before they go into the pool. And if they go out of the pool, it would be better to wash their feet before going back in it again.

After Thoughts

It won’t matter if there is less or more water in your pool. What’s important is to have clean water and to keep it clean. It’s never inconvenient to clean your pool because you’ll be secure that your kid would be safe from germs and bacteria.

It always pays off to have clean blow-up pools for your kids to enjoy and for them to be always healthy.

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