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How to clean Jenga blocks?


Jenga, the wonderful stacking game, could last for a long time and could be passed down to the younger generation. It also needs some tender loving care to outlast and maintain its top condition.

It needs to be cleaned just like anything we value and want to last. A good advantage of the Jenga blocks is that it’s made from premium quality hardwood. Ever wonder why wooden cutting boards are very useful and popular? Mainly because it’s very durable, and wood has natural antibiotic properties that make it perfect for cutting boards as well as for toys.

With your caring touch, Jenga could last more than a lifetime. Just keep in mind to keep your Jenga blocks away from being soaked in the water and make sure they are always fully dried.

There are two major ways to clean your Jenga blocks. Choose which way that would be more adaptable for you.

Use natural materials to clean it.

A simple mixture of one part vinegar and 10 part water would do the trick. Just wipe each of the blocks thoroughly using this solution using a soft cloth.

Another natural cleaning solution would be a mild eco-friendly dish soap and some warm water. Wipe each block too using this mixture.

One more go-to solution is to use a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner that you’ll dilute in water following its recommended ratio of the cleaner and the water.

Do avoid using bleach or any cleanser with strong chemicals as it could make your blocks super dry.

Spray the blocks with a non-toxic cleaner.

You could also choose a mild spray cleaner for your blocks. First, spray each block. Then gently wipe them with either a sponge or soft cloth and some warm water. Let the blocks air-dry completely. You could also put your blocks outside in the sun as it would kill more germs and would dry up much faster.

What should be avoided in cleaning your Jenga blocks?

Never soak you Jenga blocks in the water. The shape of each block could change, and it could also warp because of too much moisture.  It would also be harder to make your blocks completely dry in a shorter period. Wet wood attracts more germs and bacteria, and it would also tend to crack.

Also, never put your blocks too long under the sun, especially on those super hot days. It would make your blocks brittle, might crack, and they could fade.

How to treat stains in your Jenga Blocks?

The magical vinegar would take care of that again. This time mix a more concentrated solution of 1 part vinegar 1 part water. Put it in a spray and spray it directly to the stain and scrub with a sponge. Let it dry under the sun as it would eradicate the stain. For those stubborn stains, you could do a little sanding to remove them. Use white vinegar or apple cider that are both great.

How to make your blocks more long-lasting?

You need to moisturize your blocks once in a while using any of the following like coconut oil, mineral oil, olive oil, or a beeswax polish that are all awesome, and just use a cloth for easy application. Wiping and rubbing the oil or wax your Jenga blocks would protect them.

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