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How to clean kinetic sand off hands?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic Sand could draw your kid's attention for long hours. It does offer less clean-up after play and it's almost mess-free as it only sticks to itself.

It lives to its branding of not sticking to your kid, any surface, on the table, and you. It doesn't demand a lot of cleaning at all.

Kinetic sand comes in a variety of colors, including neon colors, which the kids also love.

The kinetic sand is so soft with its silky texture and feel, and all its colors do not bleed or stain in the hands.

The main characteristics of kinetic sand are: It's made with 98% fine sand and 2% silicone oil that makes it soft and easy to mold, It could hold its shape but could easily be remolded and used again, and does not stick to the hands.

Just make sure that the hand of your kid is completely dry and clean. And not sweaty before playing with kinetic sand. If it sticks to your hands, it means that your hand is wet, but it would be easily rubbed off your hands once they get dry. You could also just clap your hands when it becomes dry to shake off your hands.

After your kid is done playing, washing his or her hands with soap and water is the best way to clean the hands. It's still a must for your kid to practice good hand hygiene even if kinetic sand contains no water in its original composition, so there could be no germs and bacteria in it.

After Thoughts

Kids would always love kinetic sand for its flexibility and awesomeness. They could just spread their fingers apart, and it would just flow through their fingers. It's the best for kids to play with as they would be stretching it, squeezing it, shaping it, and molding it into countless shapes with less mess and cleaning up.

It reigns over clays and playdoughs as it would rarely stick to your hands unless it's wet. Remember, it's designed to only stick to itself!

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