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Where's Baby Yoda in episode 6?


Table of Contents:

Baby Yoda was missed in the first 15 minutes of Episode 6 entitled The Prisoner. Everyone was asking, Where's Baby Yoda?

Everyone's anticipation was answered when Baby Yoda was found by Burg in a compartment on the Crest.

In Episode six, Mando, who's still on the run, contact Ran, an old acquaintance before his Guild days.

Ran introduces Mando to the rest of the crew, namely Mayfield, a former Imperial sharpshooter, and mission lead; Burg, the Devaronian serving as the muscle, Q9-0, a droid called Zero and Xi'an (Natalia Tena), a flirty, volatile Twi'lek and former associate of Mando's.

It became tense when Burg went through Mando's weapons. Burg also took off Mando's helmet and the two scuffle that suddenly exposed Baby Yoda in his secret compartment.

Mando tried to pass Baby Yoda as a pet, but he was alarmed when Mayfield comments on keeping Baby Yoda for a pet himself.  In a split moment, Zero suddenly lands the ship without warning, and Mayfield dropped poor Baby Yoda. And all the viewers were furious. Good thing it was a way for Mando to secure Baby Yoda in a safe hideaway.

Viewers just wished Baby Yoda would always be safe, and they want more airtime with him and less stressful scenes of him. Others commented that Mando needs more parenting skills to be able to take care of the baby better.

Which episode Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda is the best part of The Mandalorian by Disney+.  Everyone wants to protect Baby Yoda.

Everyone first got to see the most talked-about Baby Yoda in season 1, episode one, wherein it ended with Mando finding Baby Yoda on a desert planet called Arvala-7, and everyone had the biggest pleasant surprise.

IG-11 droid wanted to shoot down the target, but Mando saved Baby Yoda and chose to gun down the droid instead. They had become inseparable after that.

But the biggest question is still left unanswered. What's special about Baby Yoda that he's wanted to be killed by The Client?

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