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Are Hot Wheels Made in China?


Yes, some of Mattel’s hot wheels are made in China. In fact, one of the company’s largest factories can be found in Guangdong Province. This manufacturing center was opened in 1999 and is now considered to be the world’s largest toy factory.

Where are hot wheels made?

Mattel Group, the company that produces Hot Wheels, manufactures most of its products in China. Other productions of Hot Wheels are being done in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Mattel also has a manufacturing company in Mexico.

Why are hot wheels made in Malaysia?

The plan to establish a hot wheels factory in Malaysia was brought about by the increasing demand of mini-vehicles from the European market. After taking careful considerations to the factors involved in all matters relative to production such as labor costs, acquisition of raw materials, housing factory employees, etc. a Mattel facility was established in Penang, Malaysia. The said facility was acquired by Mattel from UK’s GEC plant in September 1980. The plant is an 80,000 square foot facility which used to be for the production of TV sets. In January 1981, Mattel started producing hot wheels in this facility in Malaysia.

The average production of mini vehicles during the first two to three years in Mattel Malaysia Sdn Bdh (MMSB) facility was 30-35 million annually. Although the facility was expanded in 1994 to give way to male action figures production, the plant was later turned into a facility solely dedicated to the production of mini-vehicles. By the end of 1997, the said facility became capable of producing more than 10 million units per month.

The presence of more skilled labor translated to the production of high-quality mini vehicles as well. This allowed Mattel to acquire more flexibility for the company to be able to keep up with the rolling product mix which usually changed every week.

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