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How Are Hot Wheels Made in Factory?


How hot wheels are made starts with a sketch. This first step in the process has been practiced since 1968 and until now. The car designers are given the freedom to come up with a design that echoes Hot Wheels’ reputation. Once a design has been approved, it will be sent to automotive designers to determine what to paint on the body of the car. From this, a Hot Wheels design will be solidified.

The next step would be to draw the “bucket”, also referred to as “silhouette”. This is when the exact size, shape and measurements of the interior, body, chassis and window will be laid out. When the overall design has been approved it will be sent to a 3D modeling machine so that a prototype will be produced. The prototype will then be sent to a test lab where they will be tested not just for durability. The newly designed cars will also be tested for speed on the race track. It will also be tested how much it will hurt when a person step on it.

Other factors that will be taken into consideration before it goes through the production process are the hot wheel’s weight distribution and clearance. When the prototype passes all the tests and guidelines, it will then be sent to the manufacturing plant for mass production.

Where Is the Hot Wheels Factory?

Hot Wheels is owned by Mattel Inc. Its headquarters can be found in El Segundo California.

There are Hot Wheels which have been produced in their Bangkok, Thailand factory. Eighty percent of Mattel Bangkok Ltd is owned by Mattel Inc. This Bangkok facility was established in 1998.

There is also Mattel Indonesia which is responsible for the production of about 2 million toys in a week, including Mattel’s Barbie Dolls. This factory is located in Cikarang, West Java.

Another manufacturing facility is in Mattel Toys India Private Limited, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

One of Mattel’s biggest factories can be found in China. There is also a Hot Wheels factory situated in Perai, Penang Malaysia.

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