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Good Magic Tricks to Learn


There are a lot of magic tricks that can be performed for an eager audience. If you’re a neophyte in doing magic tricks some of the good magic tricks to learn are the ones that use a prop that’s available at home.

Another thing is learning a magic trick that uses minimal props like a deck of cards or a coin.

Here are the steps to learn good magic tricks.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Get used to performing a trick by practicing a lot. See yourself in front of a mirror so you get a glimpse of how your audience would see your trick.

To be a good magician is to have good showmanship and a good rapport with the audience. Be natural but you should know what to say and must know how to ad-lib. A little touch of comedy and wit wouldn’t hurt. Practice a patter as well as your trick. A good patter would distract your audience from the magic trick to be done flawlessly.

Never be tempted to reveal how the magic trick worked. You have to keep them guessing how you were able to do it.

It’s never advisable to do the same tricks to the same audience twice. They would eventually figure out how it’s done.

Make sure that the seating arrangement is in order and controlled. The audience must be focused looking straight at you. It’s better if all your spectators are seating down.

Audience participation is always highly favored. Involve your spectators by borrowing objects from them like coins, pens, or even their phones. It would make the magic look more authentic and legit and there’s no time to do something with these objects.

Magical moments happen if you ask someone from the audience as a participant in your magic trick. You can ask them to choose a card, or maybe to be the subject of the magic by asking him or her to sit in your prepared magic prop!

Let the magic begin and show them the good tricks have for them!

Here’s a good card magic trick to learn that you’ll enjoy presenting and the audience will be entertained.

This is how you would do this moderately easy trick.

  • Remove all the face cards and aces from the deck since they’re the only cards you need.
  • Place the kings in a row and say that all these kings decided to check in to a hotel. And since they’re good kings, they brought their queen wives with them. Then you need to place the queens on top of the kings, matching the suits.
  • Then say, these queens are good mothers, they brought their sons as well. Place the jacks on top of the queens that match the suits.
  • Now utter, before going to sleep they all lock their doors. Put the aces on top of the jacks that match the suits.
  • Here’s the tricky part. Tell them that in the middle of the night, they all got mixed up. Then put all the stacks of cards together, one on top of the other. Turn the deck facedown and ask someone to cut it three times, being sure to put the deck back together after each cut.
  • When the person is done, say, but the next morning, everyone was back to normal and everyone is back to where they belonged. Starting from the top of the pile, lay the cards one by one out in the four stacks facedown. You need to put one card in each stack until you’re out of cards. Alas! Turn the piles over and what’d you have? All the kings will be together, and all the queens, jacks, and aces!

How did you do it? Magic of course! Try practicing this and you’ll know this trick by heart!

After Thoughts

Remember what makes a good trick is in the presentation. It is where the fun is. This card trick may have a very simple secret, but if you can present it well, it can be quite entertaining and exciting!

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