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Best Animal Toys for 3 Year Olds


It's undeniable that most kids just love animals and it would be awesome to give them animal toys as a playset for a 3-year-old.

Animal toys for 3 year olds

INNOCHEER Safari Animals Figures Toys

INNOCHEER Safari Animals Figures Toys with Play Mat, Realistic Plastic Jungle Wild Zoo Animals Figurines Playset with Giraffe, Lion, Panda, Gorilla for Kids, Boys & Girls

The INNOCHEER Safari Animal Toy is a great choice for your kid to learn about animals as it has a very good mix in it. It's a colorful animal playset that includes 14 realistically made animals and a zoo park play mat made from soft non-woven fabrics with a colorful cartoon zoo park design.

Its recommend age is 3 years old and up. It would offer your kid an immersive experience of the wildlife in the wild, it would also encourage imaginative play and curiosity about animals and the safari wildlife, and boost their learning capabilities and knowledge about the animal kingdom.

This would help in making your Christmas list an educational one.


  • A really good collection of zoo animals
  • All the animals have nice details and are well made.
  • Great animal education for three-year-olds
  • The zoo mat is quite large with bright colors, vivid images, and a beautiful scene that is also laid out beautifully
  • The animals are thick, durable, and unbreakable
  • It comes with a little tote to store the animals and the mat


  • It would much better if the mat is a little thicker; nevertheless, it does its job
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