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Best Engineering gifts for kids


You could start your would-be engineer young by gifting him or her with the best engineering gifts for kids in the form of a marble run.

MindWare Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Starter Stunt Set

MindWare Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Starter Stunt Set

This is an imported offering from Mindware. The Q-Ba-Maze Starter Stunt Set is a fantastic playset for teaching children to embrace their creativity and design engineering marvels.

It includes 56 cubes consisting of 3 different designs to be used as scaffolding, ramps, paths, and much more. This makes this marble run perfect for any young builder looking to improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving with basic physics, and planning skills.

There's no need for glue or connectors because it's ready to be used right out of the box. Just unpack and build it.

It's also for adults to be able to make complex engineering marvels. It's great for keeping your mind sharp, limber, and most importantly, interested!

Also in the package are 2 stunt pieces, 15 steel marbles, and a design booklet.


  • It comes with extra marbles and pieces along with the rails and with the much-needed catcher trays. No more chasing marbles all over the table
  • Kids would appreciate the trial and error method and quickly set to work building a structure with the new rails with an added new dimension of fun to building marble mazes.
  • Great girls and boys educational gifts
  • This is an awesome 8-year-old Christmas gift ideas


  • It's a little pricey, but it teaches about 3-D concepts and planning and building from the bottom up
  • Good quality but it's complicated

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