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How tall is a Jenga Tower?


Jenga is a great game among family and friends that you would never get tired of playing! It's always fun to play the game and to find out who would make the tower fall. There's no limit to how many games you would want to play over and over again.

There is no need for batteries, electricity, or a lot of things to play this incredible building block game. If you want a lot of excitement and good laughs along the way, then do the Jenga!

Truly it's simple yet solid and timeless gameplay for everyone.  All you need is the 54 Jenga hardwood blocks to play it, plus your skill, strategy, and luck.

The Classic Jenga, when stacked and assembled, has dimensions of 3.00 inches in length x 4.00 inches width x 11.00 inches in height, and it weighs 2 pounds.

A Jenga set has 54 blocks, with each of the blocks is 1.5 thick × 2.5 width × 7.5 cm length or 0.59 × 0.98 × 2.95 inches.

The game's mechanic is for each player to remove a Jenga block either by pulling or pushing it using only one hand and then placing it on top, but avoid letting the tower fall or lose!

The record for the highest known JENGA tower is 40 completed levels with two blocks into the 41st, made possible in 1985 by Robert Grebler from the US.

A Classic Jenga tower can be so much taller as each player taking their turn removing a block and stacking it over to the topmost level in a perpendicular direction by 3's. A good trick is to stack the central blocks on top of the other and by removing the end blocks progressively from the top.

It could be possible to reach the 54th level that is around 81 cm since each block is 1.5 thick.

Always take your time and don't rush and see which are the safest blocks to remove. Look for those loose blocks and the blocks that are already sticking out of the tower. Put into consideration the stability and balance of the Jenga tower.

Go for the blocks in the middle since the blocks at the bottom of the tower could be harder to remove without risking the tower's steadiness. The blocks near the topmost could be so loose that they might pull along the other blocks.

They say push and not to pull but If you're taking a block from the middle, try gently tapping it out the tower from one side. If you are taking a block from the outside edge, the best way is to try to pinch the ends between your thumb and forefinger and then wiggle the piece back and forth until it comes loose.

Learn to use the combination of tapping and wiggling to take out those stubborn blocks.

Don't worry because as you play Jenga, you'll develop your Jenga way whether you would be calm, scientific, technical about it, or just lucky when you choose your blocks. But one thing is sure though; you'll always have fun!

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