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Is Exploding Kittens cross-platform?


There would be no problem having an Android phone and playing with an apple-user friend or family since they could play Exploding Kittens together online. 

The mobile version of Exploding Kittens was out in 2016, a year after the tabletop card game was released in the market.  And, yes, the Android platform allowed it for cross-platform play between all mobile versions, including iOS and, vice versa.

The latest update of its online version allows cross-platform online play and mini-messaging via emotes and new content and gameplay modes via in-app purchases.

Exploding Kittens card game made headlines for being the most-funded game in Kickstarter history. Its formula is simple. It's an easy yet hilarious card game created by Elan Lee of Xbox, ARGs, Matthew Inman fromThe Oatmeal, and Shane Small from Xbox and Marvel fame, which ended its campaign with almost 220,000 backers that incredibly had faith and contributed nearly $8.8 million to its funding.

How did it evolve from a card game into an app?

Only after a year of the release of its card game, an app was made by its creators that includes Elan Lee for the game's online mechanics, Matthew Inman, for its illustrations and sound effects, and Substantial for the game design and development online. 

Because of its popularity, it should be both made available on iOS and Android.

Considering all those factors, the Substantial team started to make the concepts and presented it to the Exploding Kittens crew for their approval. Part of their strategy was to create the interface and build a prototype in Unity3d simultaneously, along with playing and testing the app as they went along.

There are minor alterations, but the concept of the game remains since some of the cards and rules of the game just aren't apt digitally. The team created new ways to be able to present the existing game digitally interesting as well that led them to create a few revisions and new cards that worked in the app.

This process involved numerous long hours of playtesting and adjustments to be finally ready to release it. The Substantial's team of three developers and one designer transformed the card game into an app in a year. 

As a result, it wasn't just a mere replica of the card game but a different version that became so successful that the game creators turned our digital cards into our cards to expansion packs for the tabletop card game.

How was the online app accepted by the public?

It's a hit upon its release. There was a lot of publicity mileage gained from it that made Exploding Kittens to became the top paid app in the App Store and Google Play Store within just hours of its launch. It was also a hit with Exploding Kittens followers waiting to experience the game online.

It's one of the great original games with a fantastic translation into a mobile app with a very funny cartoon design. It's a lot of fun to play and definitely worth the price of $1.99 per download.

Exploding Kittens continues to remain one of the most popular gaming apps of all time, that's highly rated both in the App Store and Google Play.

Until the present, it still ranks among the top three card games on iOS and is in the top 50 paid apps in the store. With a 4.7 rating on the App Store and also a 4.7  rating on Google Play, the Exploding Kittens app is a great example of how a card game could be translated into another dimension digitally.

Enjoy Exploding Kittens online with this link below:


After Thoughts

There's no need to worry as you could play with anyone no matter what smartphone or gadget they are using since Exploding Kittens is made to offer enjoyment to everyone, and it's cross-platform enabled and friendly. 

Nothing could stop us from playing Exploding Kittens since it's meant to be enjoyed as a tabletop game and as an online game too.

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