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What Baby Yoda eats?


Table of Contents:

Baby Yoda, or The Child as its name implies, is still an infant that would pick on anything that their hands would lay on. You could compare Baby Yoda with a human baby who likes to put almost everything in their mouth. Mando hasn't figured out yet the proper diet for Baby Yoda.

Since the beginning of the series, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda exhibited to have an enormous appetite for different food. We've seen him savor frogs, eggs, and soup. He does have a penchant for catching frogs and eating them except from one scene wherein he took one then decided to spit it out because there were kids in front of him.

Some instances showed Baby Yoda's fondness for eggs.

Baby Yoda ate toad eggs that were still developing. It might be innocent on his part.

The most recent one was in Season 2 Episode 10. He found a jar of eggs and ate not one but 4 eggs of the Frog Lady whose species is nearing its extinction.

Mando took a frog lady and her jar with unfertilized eggs on a road trip to a new planet where her husband is.

Baby Yoda wasn't able to control and contain himself and ate some of her eggs.

There was a mixed reaction to this episode. Some say it's only fiction, and how come it was okay for them for Baby Yoda to eat frogs? Some felt it was for the comedic effect, while some were outrage saying it was done in bad taste.

The defense of the creative art manager of LucasFilms, Phil Szostak tweeted some logical reason for it.

He said: For the record, Chapter 10 of #TheMandalorian makes it clear that the Frog Lady's eggs are unfertilized, like the chicken eggs many of us enjoy," Szostak wrote. "But obviously, chickens aren't sentient beings, and the Child eating the eggs is intentionally disturbing, for comedic effect."

Some also have a ready theory, that perhaps, Baby Yoda didn't eat the eggs and just swallowed it to save them.

There is also an observation that when Baby Yoda approaches the eggs and the spider egg, the music sounded like Baby Yoda is innocent, and something magical is going to take place. Yes, Baby Yoda did use The Force, and let's look forward to no more egg-eating episodes to come that is uncomfortable for most of the viewers.

Remember,  He also ate a spider that was not ready to hatch yet!

Viewers are also questioning some moral implication in the story that the Frog Lady saved the life of Baby Yoda as she shot the spiders off the head of  Baby Yoda. And in return Baby Yoda eating her eggs?

Well, what does Baby Yoda knows by now?  I hope they redeem Baby Yoda's character, and they better have good follow-up episodes that have a more positive impact on the viewers and Baby Yoda.

Disney being Disney knows what they are up to, and we will all discover in the coming episodes.

After Thoughts

Star Wars have always been about good and evil. The light side versus the dark side. It only shows right now that The Mandalorian is an interesting part of the journey since it's perceived to be on the dark side.

Baby Yoda's eating of the eggs is leaning to the dark side, and we all wish that his part would eventually help the good triumph over the bad.

Maybe all of Baby Yoda's actions, for now, are building up into something symbolical and meaningful in the coming episodes. Sometimes, you have to go through the bad and learn from it before you evolved into something good in your life.

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