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How to blow up a kiddie pool without a pump?


You need to blow-up a kiddie pool, and you don’t have a pump? No need to worry because numerous ways are available to inflate it.

There are more ways possible to blow up your kiddie pool beside the option of having a pump and of blowing it manually through the mouth that we all know takes a lot of effort and lung power on our part.

You could quickly and easily blow up a kiddie pool using these other methods aside from a pump.

Use an air compressor

To blow up an inflatable pool using an air compressor, all you need is to have the right nozzle attachment for your compressor to be able to infit the air inlet of your kiddie pool. Most compressors that are available in the market come with attachments. You need to find the right fit that would enable the air inlet valve to open to fill the kiddie pool.

This is a great option if you have an air compressor in your home. You could purchase one if you think you still have other uses for it since it’s more expensive than a pump.

How to use an air compressor to blow up a kiddie pool:

  • Find your air inlet valve on the pool and open it
  • Your next step is to connect the air compressor hose to the air inlet valve using the compatible attachment
  • The attachment should not be blocked in any way by the air filler valve seal
  • Some air inlet valves would have a piece of plastic that would prevent the air from escaping and could block air from entering too
  • Time to turn on your compressor and start inflating the pool
  • When you’re done inflating the kiddie pool to its advised psi then turn off the compressor, and unplug it from the air inlet valve on the kiddie pool
  • Put the cap on the air inlet valve on your pool to make sure the air stays inside

Use a shop vac

It’s very easy to use a shop vac or a vacuum to blow up a kiddie pool.  The first thing to do is to set your shop vac on just the blow setting. Then connect its hose to the air inlet valve on the inflatable pool.

It’s needed for you to hold the hose of your shop vac firmly to the air inlet valve on your kiddie pool for this to be effective.  You also have to ensure that you have a good seal so that all the air goes directly to your pool, and it would make inflating faster.

Use a blow dryer

This is one of the greatest hack discovered in blowing up a kiddie pool. You’ll simply love it. It’s easy as a pea to inflate an inflatable using a hairdryer. You could even use any hairdryer and even the cheapest one in the lot, and it’s still would work.

Get an empty plastic bottle and cut it into half. Tape the upper part of the bottle to the tip of your hairdryer. It would serve as its nozzle for air to pass through to your kiddie pool safely.

When everything is all set, press it up against the air inlet valve on your kiddie pool and turn on the hairdryer. This works very well, and you’ll be surprised how much it does!

Make sure you set your hairdryer to the cold setting since the heat setting could damage the material of your kiddie pool.

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