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Are LeapFrog Toys and Products Safe and BPA-Free?


The LeapFrog website doesn’t say if LeapFrog products are BPA-free. But it is safe, that’s for sure! All materials used in creating LeapFrog products are child-friendly and are approved by the Toy Industry Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Toy Industry Association has been in the business for over a hundred years. It is responsible for ensuring that the toy industry will progress. It also polices the industry standards ensuring that the creation of toys is always at the highest standards. The organization also educates its members about the safety of toys. The group also assured parents that BPA or Bisphenol A in toys is safe. BPA is a synthetic compound usually used in plastic materials to keep it sturdy. Many experts believe that BPA is not good for health, and there is an ongoing study on whether this compound should be banned or not. Baby feeding products with BPA have been phased out. In toys, though, the Toy Industry Association said it doesn’t have adverse effects on a child’s health.

The CPSC, on the other hand, is a government organization tasked as making sure that products for public consumption are safe. It is the agency that bans dangerous consumer products. BPA is yet to be banned.

Back to LeapFrog, all of its products are tested for safety and have passed requirements from both non-government and government organizations. The plastic products, in particular, have been tested for chemical and mechanical components to establish that these passed safety standards.

What is clear is that LeapFrog products are phthalate-free. This is another element used in the creation of plastic. The goal is to increase the plastic’s flexibility and durability. There are early researches that contend that phthalate may have health impacts like a possible link to diabetes and resistance to insulin. Other health issues being studied are phthalate’s link to breast cancer, male fertility, and obesity.

You can find LeapFrog products at Amazon.

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