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How to soften and refresh Play-Doh?


Table of Contents:

Play-Doh has one amazing quality. It does not expire! The next best thing is you could make it soft and fresh again. Yes, that's how awesome it is, and that's why it's no longer a wonder why it's one of the legendary and iconic toys of all time.

There are ways on how to be able to achieve its softness and freshness.

How to fix dry Play-Doh?

It's quite easy. The foremost way to fix your dry Play-Doh to make it soft and fresh again is by using water. Yes, just water!

Just do the following steps:

  • Get the Play-Doh you want to revive, rehydrate, and refreshen. You could get the dry, cracked, and even the crumbled ones.
  • Run water on the doughs or dip them in a bowl of water. Either way would work and give positive results. Let each dough be covered with water little by little.
  • The next step is to knead the dough until the water has sunk in and incorporated in the dough. A sign that it's fine is when your hands turn dry by kneading it.
  • See and check if the dough is okay and not anymore dry.
  • You could repeat these steps until your dough is in its former glory.

There are other methods for making your dough soft and fresh again.

You could also try the paper towel soak, wherein you need to warp your ball of dough in a damp paper towel and put it in the container with the lid on overnight.

Another step is the ziplock soak, where you need to tear apart the dried dough into pieces. Then, place all the dough pieces into the ziplock bag and sprinkle them with enough water to make them damp. You need to seal the bag and massage the dough into a clump. Let it sit overnight inside the ziplock bag.

Play-Dohs are really long-lasting, revivable, reusable, and hydratable. It's even very easy to do so. Think a million times before throwing or getting rid of all your kid's dried-out Play-Dohs.

I am telling you they could last a lifetime!

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