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Cool Jenga Towers


There's no stopping for the continuous emergence of different Jenga variations. There never seems to be any shortness of ideas and concepts. Here are some of the new cool Jenga towers in the market. 

Cool Jenga Towers

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Bridge Wooden Block Stacking Tumbling Tower Game

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Bridge Wooden Block Stacking Tumbling Tower Game

The Jenga Bridge Wooden Block Stacking Tumbling Tower Game is full of thrill and suspense as it's a Jenga with a twist. It's more challenging as underneath the tower is a swaying bridge.

It makes balancing the tower much harder as you also need to be careful not to make the tower collapse. It's the ultimate challenge to keep the Jenga tower steady.

Can you imaging pulling the block and putting it on top above a bridge that sways? The bridge under the tower sways back and forth; thus, it's even harder to keep the game stable! Its age recommendation is 8 years old and up.


  • This was such a cool twist on an already classic fun-filled game
  • It's more intense and fun
  • This game will rock your world
  • The bridge part is hard, but it's fun
  • You can play with or without the bridge
  • Good buy


  • It doesn't come with a form to stack the blocks
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Another awesomely cool Jenga tower game is the Super Mario Edition game.

Hasbro Games Jenga: Super Mario Edition Game

Hasbro Games Jenga: Super Mario Edition Game, Block Stacking Tower Game for Super Mario Fans, Ages 8 and Up

The Jenga Super Mario Edition Game is another new take of Jenga with a twist. It's an exciting game with beautiful artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the iconically popular Super Mario video games.

The object of this Super Mario Jenga is to spin, stack. And collect your coins. A player needs to spin the spinner to determine the number of blocks you need to stack, how many layers your Super Mario character must climb, or whether to reverse play or to collect your coins.

The tower must not collapse as you move up and as your opponents go down as they remove or stacks their blocks. A player that makes the tower to fall as he climbs or stacks lose his coins and lose in the game.

All players must add up their points at the end of the game, and the player with the highest score wins. It for ages 8 and up.


  • Great game to play with family and friends
  • Gives it a new twist to Jenga, which makes it more fun to play
  • Its new features make it more difficult or easier with the marked blocks
  • Super fun
  • It's easy to learn and to set up
  • Great collectible piece


  • It's all plastic and not wood, but it's well made
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