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How to dry out kinetic sand?


The best fun sensory and educational play activity is kinetic sand. It’s the moldable, squeezable, and shapeable sand that doesn’t dry out! This is due to its content of fine regular sand that’s coated in silicone oil rather than water. You could even leave it without a cover, but it would be good as new and without any damage at all.

Kinetic sand is the awesome sand that seems to have its own motion that you could form it into any shapes. It acts like wet sand and holds its shape.

Two scenarios you might encounter are; first, your kinetic sand might become dry due to the humidity in the environment, or secondly, your kinetic might get wet, and how could you dry it out?

What should you do if your kinetic sand dries out?

Your kinetic sand could dry out due to the air’s humidity and due to the environment. If this happens to you, you don’t have to worry about it. Just add some drops of water using a dropper.

Also, keep your kinetic sand in air-tight containers if it’s not in use to avoid drying it out.

You could likewise store it in Ziploc bags or Tupperware. You could add a teaspoon of water after storing it if you feel it needs it before playing with it again. What’s cool about kinetic sand is it could keep for a long time.

How to dry out wet kinetic sand?

Getting kinetic sand wet should be avoided. You could dry it out by letting it air dry completely, and it would be back to the same texture as before after.

It’s that simple to dry out kinetic sand.

After Thoughts

It’s quite a breeze to revive your kinetic sand from drying out and, at the same time, how easy for you to dry it out if it gets wet.

It could easily return to its wonderful soft texture, or you could make sure it never dries out too. Kinetic sand is designed to be long-lasting, revivable, and reusable for the kids to enjoy.

Keeping your kinetic sand in its best condition is no sweat at all!

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