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Is Kinetic Sand Toxic if Swallowed?


Kinetic sand is one of the most fascinating toys now. It’s cool and amazing. It comprises mainly of 98% fine regular sand ad 2% silicon. It contains no water at all but it does behave and look like wet sea-sand!

Now, that’s something to be mesmerized and boggled about. The silicon is responsible to make the sand flow, move, and have that certain elasticity in it. When the sand are pressed together it could display the finer detail of the shapes and molds used to form it.

They are never boring and these sand could come in a different range of colors. All colors to be precise.  From these kinetics sand, 3D structures and things could be used to create beautiful art forms.

The material could be easily molded into sharp crisp defined lines. And when compressed together they could be sliced beautifully using just a knife. It sounds magical but there are more in store. There are other unique and exciting things about it.

The structure made with kinetic sand could be bumped or might just collapse since it’s the silicone that holds them together. But a mere grain dislodging from the molded shape could make other grains following for it to collapse!

What makes silicone safe?

If you happen to touch kinetic sand you’ll feel its silkiness and velvety surface. It feels good and soothing to touch and gives a meditative effect on kids and adults alike.

Kinetic sand as mentioned earlier is just made from sand and silicone. Silicones are polymers that contain long chains of oxygen and silicon. They are also found in many household products from cosmetics to conditioners and household lubricants. Silicone is anti-microbial and non-toxic, and it contains no allergens.

The kinetic sand that’s available in the market is all kid-friendly. They are safe to touch and play with. Any child over the age of three can safely play with this exciting new substance. All small children should be supervised while at play.

Would it be toxic if kinetic sand is swallowed?

Kinetic sand is non-toxic but eating or swallowing large quantities of it could pose danger to small children so they should not be allowed to play with the sand without adult supervision.

Commercially sold kinetic sand does not pass through the body the same way that regular sand does.

The very properties that make kinetic sand a lot of fun to mold and touch are the same reason why ingesting it could cause problems.

The large amounts of the kinetic sand could become stuck in the bowels because the movement of the bowels would simply mold and form the sand rather than move it.

Consuming small amounts of sand would not cause harm but removing large amounts of kinetic sand from the bowel may require extreme measures such as surgery.

If a large amount has been consumed, you might try inducing your kid to vomit that could save a trip to the surgery.

The best would still be prevention by ensuring adult supervision when the children are playing with kinetic sand.

How to store kinetic sand safely?

It’s easy to store and make sure to keep the sand in a closed box and wipe the table when your kid would use it again as the sand will not mold as effectively when it becomes badly soiled.

The sand is sensitive to humidity and may lose its silky texture if it gets wet. If your kinetic sands happen to get wet, simply dry it and it will return it to its smooth and silky texture.

After Thoughts

Kinetic sand is a great way to keep the kids occupied while helping them to develop motor and creative skills. It’s a productive way of learning from play. Children have played in the sand since the beginning of time. The good thing, there is now kinetic sand that’s not toxic and can be molded into limitless shapes.

Now they don’t need to go to the beach to build those sandcastles. They could do it anywhere and at any time. And that includes the indoors which is a safe and clean environment.

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