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Can Baby Yoda speak, talk, and walk?


It was earlier explained in The Mandalorian series that Baby Yoda came from species that have a different aging process that at 50, he’s still very young. They could live up to 1,000 old like Yoda, the Jedi Master, who died when he was 900 years old.

At 50 years old, it’s only equivalent to around the human age of 2 years old. Baby Yoda could walk slowly but could only coo and not quite talk yet at this point.

There’s no wonder that he was introduced as The Child and later on named by fans Baby Yoda for his cute and diminutive size, measuring only about 30 cm.

It could be safely assumed that since their species live a very long life, they have prolonged infancy and adolescence.

Does Baby Yoda speak or talk?

Ever since the beginning of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda could only produce cooing sounds. Even some converted his age to around 5 years old in human age. It’s quite clear that he hasn’t spoken or talked yet.

There might be some hypothetical answers to this. Maybe, he could already talk, but like the demeanor of Jedi masters, they are silent with a lot of wisdom in them.

It could be that their species takes a lot longer to start speaking as compared to humans. We are all guessing as nothing is known about him before the Mandalorian found him in captivity by Nikto mercenaries.

Does Baby Yoda walk?

Yes, Baby Yoda does walk and has those little slow steps that make him undeniably even cuter and adorable. Even though he could walk, he spends most of his time in his egg-shaped cradle, where he always takes a lot of naps.

Will Baby Yoda speak or talk?

You have to remember that alien’s age is quite different from human age.  We don’t have any idea about Baby Yoda’s species yet, but we know that he will be able to talk like Yoda did when he comes to the right age.

His species are probably not able to speak communicate, yet at this age, he’s in at the moment.

After Thoughts

The fans of Baby Yoda are wondering this early what his first word would be and when would he be able to speak or talk. He’s compensating for his lack of communication and expression yet by showing his Force-powers in helping others. Yes, he could not talk yet, but he could already perform those Force-powers of him.

That makes him more enigmatic, magical, and mysterious. The quest for his true identity and purpose would also be much awaited for as much as to when he would be able to utter those first words and how he would sound like.

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